Tamamushi lacqurerware manufacturer
In Sendai-CIty, Since 1933.


Philosophy of TOHOKU KOGEI

TOHOKU KOGEI Co., Ltd is a lacquerware manufacturer founded in Sendai city, Miyagi in 1933.
Since its inauguration, TOHOKU KOGEI has valued its unique spirit of manufacturing which is to make “not only ornamental but useful craftwork”.
Our craftwork is not “ornament”, its quality lies in its “usefulness”.
As the only maker that succeeds the lacquering skills of Sendai-born “Tamamushi lacqurerware”, we have developed products considering the colours, designs and price ranges that meet the current lifestyles.
“Tamamushi lacquerware” was designated as the “traditional craftwork” of Miyagi prefecture in 1985. But we had not worked for the “traditional” title since the beginning. Rather, we have come this far diligently seeking for the current needs of the people in Sendai, sticking to handwork and down to earth business. That, as a result, lead to the recognition of “traditional craftwork”.


“Tamamushi lacquerware” is a Sendai-born urushi lacquerware that features captivating colours and gloss that reflects light.
It was named “Tamamushi (jewel beetle)” since the beautiful colours that change its tones according to the degree of light resembles the wings of the jewel beetle.
TOHOKU KOGEI currently produces a wide range of products such as stationary and tableware handy for use in various places and situations, while producing gifts, souvenirs and articles presented to the Japanese Imperial royal family representing the traditional craftwork of Sendai.


  • Base Coat

    First, we sand the base, made with such materials as wood, metal or resin, to prepare the surface for the glaze. By then repeatedly applying a base coat and polishing it, the surface is made smooth and hard. The lacquerware’s quality will be defined by this process.

  • Sprinkling silver powder

    This process is unique to Tamamushi Lacquerware, and creates lustrous shine. As the craftsmen add and work with the silver powder, it gives Tamamushi Lacquerware a beautiful reflective quality.

  • Polishing

    After the silver powder is applied, it has a grainy texture. Polishing both smoothes the unevenness and allows the glaze to adhere more firmly.

  • Mixing the glaze

    To prepare the glaze, craftsmen take into account both the temperature and humidity of the day, as well as the size and shape of the lacquerware to be coated. They then mix a glaze with the correct shade and viscosity.

  • Applying the glaze

    Tamamushi Lacquerware will be completed with red and green glaze. The process of applying the glaze requires a mastery of artistic skill. According to the humidity and temperature, the amount of glaze will be adjusted to create a uniform color. With meticulous attention to detail, the glaze is applied repeatedly in such a way as to prevent dust becoming mixed in. The lacquerware is then left to dry naturally in a wooden chamber for no less than one night, and no longer than one week.

  • Decoration

    Finally, craftsmen create each brilliant and unique design by hand, using the technique of Makie, the art of creating an image with gold or silver powder.



    Beautifully and carefully finished “Tamamushi lacquerware” tableware that adds brightness to your table, bringing you delight as you use them daily.


    Stylish interior produced by the skilful craftsmen that perfectly matches your current lifestyle.


    Feel the warmth of handwork in utilities you handle daily.
    Stationaries that hold beautifulness and functionality at the same time.


    Our new product line “TOUCH CLASSIC” has been made not only to be appreciated as a traditional craft with an exquisite glossy finish and a rich texture, but to be at your side for your enjoyment and comfortable use each day.
    By keeping colours, designs and every other detail up to date, traditional lacquerwares have changed into practical everyday items.



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