NHK WORLD TV program, “Science View”.

NHK-world tamamushi

Tohoku Kogei’s “Tamamushi Lacquerware” will appear on NHK WORLD TV program, “Science View”.

―“Development of high durable lacquerware” to meet modern needs ―
Tohoku Kogei CEO Yasuhiro Saura and Dr. Takeo Ebina of AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) will describe the course of the development as “J-innovators”, while bilingual journalist Ms. Michelle Yamamoto reports on the core of the joint project.

Please visit the NHK On Demand site to see Tamamushi Lacquerware featured as the leading-edge technology in Japan, taking challenge on new techniques and technologies.

▼ NHK WORLD ON DEMAND “Science View”
*Tamamushi Lacquerware will appear from 19’52”.